Wink the Ragamuffin™ sees China

June 23, 2006

Some dear friends, Nancy Fitzpatrick, Lincoln Russell, Casey Meade, and Mike Rothstein recently spent 6 weeks in China.  The excursion took them all around the mysterious country from giant cities we have never heard of to remote mountain villages with footpath roads.  They traveled without command of the language of the land.  While experience desires were many, Lincoln decided that he would use Wink, his Dinosaur Ragaumuffin™ made of all recycled wool sweaters, as the focus of his mission to meet people without understood verbal exchange.  Wink opened the door into a culture otherwise less accessible.

Ragamuffin on Chinese museum pedestal


June and we are moving

June 2, 2006

We are moving the studio to our newest endeavor, the Notre Dame church in Pittsfield. Chris and I bought the church with this idea in mind. He actually did all the work.


May 14, 2006

Walking toward the action in Brimfield


May 12, 2006

Daniel, Lucy, and I went on an inspiration-seeking mission to Brimfield yesterday. It was Irish weather with a heavy mist hanging in the air. 5-month-old Lucy hung in the backpack throughout our adventure-seeking day, gurgling happily and offering her heart opening warm smile to every face that stopped to connect.
Daniel and I had a day filled with eye-candy, history and a few generous deals from the damp, chilly vendors braving the inclemency.
We talked about how heartening it is to know that there are still really cool old things available in the world. Neither of us have much extra money but we both found treasures. He for his Dream Away Lodge and me for new product inspiration.

We needed the bright blue enamel tea kettle I found for $10 after I left ours on the stove top too long and hot.

Scored some glass refridgerator boxes for Chris who hates storing food in plastic – thinking about all that off-gassing seeping into tomorrow’s lunch makes me seek the glass alternative whenever possible.

Ben’s reward was a glass maple syrup pitcher with spring loaded cover for the fridge. I figure we will save the $18 it cost in syrup. The kid LOVES sweet and controlling the pour of that big bottle with giant opening is hard.


May 12, 2006

I am brainstorming this blog idea.
What is the focus to be – the question is mirrored in my current day-to-day life?

A little history to get me started:
I am the 40-year-old mother of two. My thirteen-year-old son, Ben, 5-month-old daughter, Lucy, husband, Chris, and I live in Great Barrington Massachusetts.
Chris and I grew up here in the Berkshires and have both made businesses here. (He is a plumbing and heating contractor and I run a recycling business that manufactures blankets, rugs, pillows and clothing from used clothing and clothing manufacturers waste.)
We have only been married since October 2004 but have known each other at a distance since childhood and as pretty good, non-intimate friends for about 10 years. Not sure what struck our fancy in each other but the sparks flew and we have been connected at the hip ever since our first date in June 2004.

We are both concerned.
Concerned about our biosphere in general. It seems so overwhelmingly daunting to start there.
We are concerned about water and air quality, and the volume of waste in our culture. We are concerned about fossil fuel consumption and ‘disposable’ plastics.
We worry about food quality and genetic engineering and what affects our health.
I am devoted to daily exercise and personal awareness and yoga.

We are focused on our kids and providing them with the best care, education, environment, and beginning in life we can offer.
We find ourselves consumed with our jobs giving them an inordinate weight of our precious time.

All the wonderful people and interesting things I have the magical fortune to connect to my life and reminds me that if everyday was 72 hours long I would remain interested and engaged and only might then have enough time to experience all the wondorus happenings that peek my interest.

I am hoping that focusing energy on this blog will help me focus my energy outside cyberspace.

Community seems like a healthy, less daunting, goal. I will use this blog to create community around the concerns Chris and I share. these concerns seep into every aspect of our life and with community we can live the changes that seem huge individually. May this soon-to-come, community be built of strong people sharing contribution to the general good.


May 12, 2006

wax2 vi
1.    to show a gradually increasing illuminated surface, as does the Moon between its new and full phases (refers to the Moon or a planet)
2.    to increase in size, power, or intensity (literary)
3.    to get into a particular emotional or behavioral state (literary)

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Hello world!

May 12, 2006

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