Wink the Ragamuffin™ sees China

June 23, 2006

Some dear friends, Nancy Fitzpatrick, Lincoln Russell, Casey Meade, and Mike Rothstein recently spent 6 weeks in China.  The excursion took them all around the mysterious country from giant cities we have never heard of to remote mountain villages with footpath roads.  They traveled without command of the language of the land.  While experience desires were many, Lincoln decided that he would use Wink, his Dinosaur Ragaumuffin™ made of all recycled wool sweaters, as the focus of his mission to meet people without understood verbal exchange.  Wink opened the door into a culture otherwise less accessible.

Ragamuffin on Chinese museum pedestal


One Response to “Wink the Ragamuffin™ sees China”

  1. Impresionante artu00edculo, del que se desprende que los neu00f3fitos te abrasemos a preguntas. La mu00eda es: tengo un nikkor 55mm 1/1,2 heredado de Click

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